Welcome to my web site! I have been breeding Aussies since 2012. I presently have 2 adult females and 1 adult male.
Sweet Pea delivered a litter on 11/24/22. She has 7 puppies, 4 are spoken for so far. Annie delivered on 11/30/22. She has 4 puppies, all of which are still available I have the pics on the “Puppies Available” page if you are interested.

This is Sweet Pea, a Red Tri. She is AKC registered. Her personality is that she wants to be near me, and she wants to please. When I take her on walks, she does not need a leash or a collar – she just stays right behind/beside me. She is a great dog.

This is Maverick, my Sire. His personality is gentle, laid back. He loves to go on walks and he loves to eat. He is also vocal, in a good way. Maverick is double registered, AKC and NSDR.

This is Annie. She is very agile, she loves to play, jump, and run. She is NSDR registered. She is a good mother, even to Sweet Pea’s puppies. She is not aggressive either, but when she is prego, she does like to eat for sure!

Standard Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale

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