Welcome to my web site! I have been breeding Aussies since 2012. I presently have 2 adult females and 1 adult male.

I have sold all of the puppies that were born in May of 2021.  I plan on breeding again next Spring.  If you have an interest in a future puppy, please fill out the form in the “Wait List” page from the menu above.

This is Sweet Pea. She is AKC registered.  Her personality is that she wants to be near me,  and she wants to please.  When I take her on walks, she does not need a leash or a collar – she just stays right behind/beside me. She is a great dog.

This is Maverick, my Sire. His personality is gentle, laid back.  He loves to go on walks and he loves to eat.  He is also vocal, in a good way. Maverick is double registered, AKC and NSDR. 20180922_091709.jpg20180919_190648-1.jpg

This is Annie. She is very agile, she loves to play, jump, and run. She is NSDR registered. She is a good mother, even to Sweet Pea’s puppies.  She is not aggressive either, but when she is prego, she does like to eat for sure! IMG_0142(1)IMG_0140.JPG

Standard Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale